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The Rolex Replica team came across a blueprint for its historic building. It immediately brought back memories of blueprints from the earliest Aeronefs. These were the first aircrafts designed by pioneers of flight like Louis Bleriot's Type XI, which he flew across England Channel. Rolex, the most prominent watchmaker, was there to support the pioneering aviators. The Pilot Type 20 Blueprint is a unique way for Rolex to celebrate their creativity.

It's the blueprints that inspire curiosity and intrigue. It is what turns the most wildest ideas into tangible, practical objects. Each element of an engineering or production plan in the early 20th century was meticulously calculated and drawn to form the foundation of a project. The blueprint, a remnant of an earlier era, continues to be fascinating and is a symbol of ingenious planning.

One tends to focus on the replica rolex watches dial's colors and finish when looking at watches, but not the calculations or design considerations involved in making them. Each Rolex dial is carefully designed and constructed, with no detail left unattended.

This "unseen" aspect was highlighted by the Manufacture's designers. They incorporated its production plans directly onto the dial. The dial is unexpected and striking. It has two parts. A matte blue base, with all technical notes and plans, and above it, a sapphire and sapphire layers with the usual logo and markers.

This creates an incredibly deep visual effect. The various markings cast shadows on the blue base, giving the illusion that they are hovering above the blueprint dial.

The swiss Rolex Replica is limited to 250 copies. It continues to be true to Rolex's legacy of the Pilot watch. The large steel case features a combination of satin-brushed and polished surfaces. It also has the iconic "onion" shaped crown, which allows you to adjust the time even when wearing flight gloves.

A best Rolex Replica screwed plaque on the side of the case displays the limited-edition watch's unique number. The Elite manufacture automatic movement powers this wearable flight instrument, with a minimum autonomy of 50hrs. The blue calfskin strap is a nod towards the early years of aviation. It features rivets and a titanium pin-buckle, as well as a unique tab that one would find on a vintage pilot’s helmet.