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About George:

I am a full time real estate agent. Actually, more than a full time. I work early mornings, evenings and weekends; whenever is convenient for my clients. I love what I do and so quite often it really doesn’t feel like work. Don’t ever hesitate to call me, anytime!

My philosophy about real estate is that I am here to help two parties (buyer and seller) find each other and complete a transaction with a minimum of fuss and headache. I DO NOT believe in beating up the other party just because we’re on opposing teams.

Buying and selling homes are emotional experiences, and I don’t believe it is in the best interest of either parties to make the other to feel bullied or abused. I believe this is not counterproductive to the basic desires of both parties to sell, or to buy.

For the last, approximately 20 years I have been involved in the Property/Construction in various positions of sale/marketing to customer service, and I do believe I would bring the best knowledge and expertise in assisting buyers and sellers in achieving their goals, throughout my experience I have collated a large network throughout the industry and building skills in communication, negotiation, social media, furthermore marketing and putting campaigns together.

I am an advocate for my clients. My job is to obtain the best price, terms and condition for MY clients, not to worry about the other parties’ preferences or feelings. But, I find that real estate transactions are far more satisfying to both parties when closing is a pleasant experience for everyone.

I am busy enough to be happy and successful, yet not so busy that I can’t take a personal interest in every client. The sale of your home is as important to me as it is to you. That is my commitment to you!

I would truly appreciate your business.

I look forward to helping make your next real estate transaction a pleasant and painless experience, and hopefully even a little fun!

What you will expect from me when your home is on the Market.

I’m going to answer one of your burning questions about working with a professional fully licenced real estate agent. I know you’ve wondered about it, everyone does, especially those who are getting ready to sell a home for the first time. You may experience what we call in the industry (sellers remorse) and don’t fear even buyers get this feeling at the first approximately 14 days after the signing of the contract, this is where a good experienced agent will acknowledge it and guide and comfort them through the process, I am here for both parties through the most important decision of both parties’ life.

Many people think that the main reason you hire a real estate agent is for MLS (Multiple Listing Services) exposure. And, unfortunately, in some cases that may appear to be the primary service some real estate agents provide. However, a GOOD agent provides much more than simply a For Sale sign and listing on an online database.

A good real estate agency has great connections in the real estate world. And I will have a readily available list of experienced contractors should you require, and ready to go to help during the marketing process and a system in place to sell property’s far more efficiently than a homeowner ever could. I will have 7 day/week showing service something many agents in this local area don’t normally provide.

You will experience myself, spending a lot of time managing the sale of your home and conversing with you the feedback from prospective buyers (back to you) on a weekly basis, either through email and or over the phone. There is far more going on behind the scenes than holding open homes and attending closings. Although due to the above factors (connections, systems and expertise), a good real estate agent will be efficient at their job.

The time I spend handling the sale of your home will save YOU lots of time and money!

Kind Regards

George Dimopoulos

Managing Director / Licensee

Licence Number 080570L

Mobile: 0413 305 973

Web: www.allaspectsrealestate.com.au